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Fitipower FC0013 22 - 1100 MHz (FC0013B/C, FC0013G has a separate L-band input, which is unconnected on most sticks)
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Two different dongles were tested an Ezcap 645 with an FC0013 tuner and a generic RTL2832 with an R820T tuner, both produced excellent imageries, but R820T
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fc0013 adq03601 hex wrench-1hw00081 hex wrench-2hw00071 g0228 parts listdescriptionorder part #qty * note: parts shown on parts list are not to scale bolt ...
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FC0013 Board of County Commissioners of Frederick County Minutes Book Board of County Commissioners of Frederick County Minutes Book Sep 1, 1934 - Dec 29, 1945
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FC0013 tuner. TV LV5TDLX • FC0012 tuner. Title: rtl-sdr Created Date: 20141017231500-0200 ...
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FC0013 Facility Fee Inquiry Facility Change Fees (FC0012) GL0018 Bank Rates Inquiry Bank Rates (GL0017) LN0058 Display Loan Collection Comments Loan Collections ...
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important!!! stop! please read these instructions carefully before assembly. make sure you have all the parts and hardware as identified on the parts list.
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• EzCAP USB DVB-T HDTV Tuner Realtek 2832U/FC0013 Digital TV Stick FM/DAB Dongle ($17.59) - Buy Now
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˜ fc0013 fp0013 3 205 190 180 3 fc0014 fp0014 4 260 245 232 1 ˜ fc00238 fp00238 3/8 48 38 150 fc00212 fp00212 1/2 55 43 160 fc00234 fp00234 3/4 69 55,5 80
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0x1b80 0xd3a4 FC0013 Twintech UT-40 0x1d19 0x1101 FC2580 Dexatek DK DVB-T Dongle (Logilink VG0002A) 0x1d19 0x1102 ? Dexatek DK DVB-T Dongle (MSI DigiVox? mini II V3.0)
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