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fc0013 Ø6.5 x 1.0 mm washer Ø6.5 x 6 mm washer page 3 5/16" x 25 mm bolt hw0186 6 5/16" x 40 mm bolt hw0275 8 Ø8.5 x 1.5 mm washer hw0005 bolt cover-1 hw0105 14

fc0013 adq03601 hex wrench-1hw00081 hex wrench-2hw00071 g0228 parts listdescriptionorder part #qty * note: parts shown on parts list are not to scale bolt ...
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DVB-T Digital TV Receiver USB Dongle w/ FM / Remote Control / Antenna - Black ... • FC0013 tuner. TV LV5TDLX • FC0012 tuner. Title: rtl-sdr Created Date:
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• EzCAP EZTV668 RTL2832U/FC0013 DVB-T HDTV Stick Tuner USB W/ FM/DAB/DAB+ for Win7 ($15.89) - Buy Now
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important!!! stop! please read these instructions carefully before assembly. make sure you have all the parts and hardware as identified on the parts list.
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130 No.23 ターフェース・チップです.帯域はチューナ・チップ で決まり,FC0012(台湾FITI power社)よりFC0013 (同)の方が高域 ...

รอบการจ่ายเงินคืนที่fc0013/2556 ...

• d’anciens tuners Fitipower FC0012 et FC0013 avec une plage de 22MHz à 1100MHz. On peut donc essentiellement recevoir avec ces stick standards la
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USB_DVB-T-Sticks_Software_SDRSHARP_V02.doc 15.11.2012 Seite 4 von 15 Device-Eintrag bei Sticks mit FC0013-Tuner-Chip: Wichtig ist auch, dass der richtige Treiber ...
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