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2014 Detroit Kendo Tournament Results 1 2 3 3 Team Adult JCCC Detroit A Etobicoke SEUKF A Team Youth Markham Detroit A CKKC Columbus JLSB 4 Dan & Up
2014TournamentResults.pdf - Search Welcome Tournament Kendo Results Detroit 2014 strong

Kendo: Efficient Deterministic Multithreading in Software Marek Olszewski Jason Ansel Saman Amarasinghe Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
asplos073-olszewski.pdf - Search strong Deterministic Kendo Efficient Multithreading Software

REV!9/9/14! Ver!Q4,2014!,!revised! Northern California Kendo Federation 2015 Schedule Godo Keiko at Nichiren Temple* (First Sunday of every month, $3.00 per person fee)
2014_NCKF_Schedule.pdf - Search Federation Northern Schedule Kendo California 2014 strong

江戸川区スポーツセンター; 県名: 氏名; 年齢: 北海道; 宗像 大和: 32: 大宮 秀夫: 45; 秋田: 阿部 弘生; 31: 山形; 原田 茂 59

The Regulations for Kendo Shiai and Shimpan was compiled by Götha Kendo Club, Sweden 2001. All based on the regulation from All Japan Kendo Federation.
Kendo_Regulations.pdf - Search City OCKC rules Kendo Club Oxford strong

2 Kendo Curriculum - Techniques declined significantly when the Samurai were not included in Japan’s attempt to become part of the modern world in the latter 1800s.
KendoTechniquesManual.pdf - Search Kendo Manual Sports Samurai strong Techniques

Rev. December 3, 2013 **139918 (13033.00) 1 Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation 2014 Membership Application and Agreement (including a release of claims and ...
2014-PNKF-Application.pdf - Search Federation Kendo Pacific Membership Northwest 2014 strong

Northern California Kendo Federation / San Jose Kendo Dojo YEAR 2014 SCHEDULE Godo Keiko 1st Sunday of every month, $3.00 per kenshi San Jose Dojo Schedule
2014SJ-NCKF%20Schedule%20%28Rev%202_23%29.pdf - Search Jose Dojo Federation Northern Kendo California strong

kendo no kata and their effects on kendo 2 Uchidachi6, who makes the move at the most opportune moment 6 Uchidachi: initiating attacker. of full kihaku, always ...
kata_effect.pdf - Search Kingston Kendo Their Effects Kata strong

... Kenjitsu/Kendo, Aikijitsu/ Aikido. The original arts all end with Jitsu which means the art or technique. They were created out of the necessity of a ...
Basic%20Combatives%20Course%20(Level%20I)%20Handbook.pdf - Search SCHOOL UNITED ARMY STATES Course Basic Combatives COMBATIVES

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