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Matrilineal motives: kinship, witchcraft, and repatriation among Congolese refugees AndrewApterUniversity of California, Los Angeles This article explores the ...
JRAI.Matrilineal.Motives.final.pdf - Search witchcraft repatriation motives Matrilineal strong kinship

MATRILINEAL BACKGROUND 357 whether this is the case in a matrilineal small,-or a matrilineal joint family. The most important features of the psychological ...

WAS ROYAL SUCCESSION IN ANCIENT GHANA MATRILINEAL? Nehemia Levtzion The fifth ruler of Mali, according to Ibn-Khaldun, was a grandson of

MATRILINEAL DESCI':NT GHOUPS AND SPIHIT CULTS OF THE THAI-YUAN 219 members of 67 separate descent groups of which 33 had their ritual
JSS_060_2j_TurtonMatrilinealDescentGroupsAndSpiritCultsOfThaiYuan.pdf - Search CULTS DESCENT THAI-YUAN GROUPS MATRILINEAL strong SPIRIT

v Foreword How well is our understanding of the current status of women in relation to land tenure, land management and access to land in matrilineal societies in the ...
Land%20and%20Women(1).pdf - Search Land Forum Factor Pacific Matrilineal Islands strong Women

v ABSTRACT OF THE THESIS Parental Roles And Children's Socialization in Mosuo's Matrilineal Family by Yushan Zhong Master of Arts in Sociology

1 Gender, Competitiveness and Socialization at a Young Age: Evidence from a Matrilineal and a Patriarchal Society Steffen Andersen* Seda Ertac Uri Gneezy John A ...
REST_a_00312.pdf - Search Gender Young Socialization Competitiveness

5 19. Which of the following is an example of a matrilineal-matrifocal society? A. United States B. Yanomami C. Betsileo D. Etoro E. Minangkabau
anth3q8master.pdf - Search Chapter Kottack Humanity Mirror Quiz Milner-Rose

FirstCite e-publishing Received21 June 2003 Accepted22 July 2003 Publishedonline Spread of cattle led to the loss of matrilineal descent in Africa: a coevolutionary ...
Holden%20&%20Mace%20-%20matriliny%20and%20cattle%20-%20PRSL%202003.pdf - Search loss descent matrilineal Spread cattle strong

29 The Challenges Today, women in both patrilineal and matrilineal societies experience all sorts of pressures with regard to land. In patrilineal societies women ...
Rosa%20Koian.%20Women%20in%20patrilineal%20and%20matrilineal%20societies%20in%20Melanesia.pdf - Search societies matrilineal patrilineal strong Melanesia Women

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