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Matrilineal motives: kinship, witchcraft, and repatriation among Congolese refugees AndrewApterUniversity of California, Los Angeles This article explores the ...
JRAI.Matrilineal.Motives.final.pdf - Search witchcraft repatriation motives Matrilineal strong kinship

www.ajhg.org Behar et al.: Portrait of a Founder Event 000 Report The Matrilineal Ancestry of Ashkenazi Jewry: Portrait of a Recent Founder Event

FirstCite e-publishing Received21 June 2003 Accepted22 July 2003 Publishedonline Spread of cattle led to the loss of matrilineal descent in Africa: a coevolutionary ...
Holden%20&%20Mace%20-%20matriliny%20and%20cattle%20-%20PRSL%202003.pdf - Search loss descent matrilineal Spread cattle strong

5 19. Which of the following is an example of a matrilineal-matrifocal society? A. United States B. Yanomami C. Betsileo D. Etoro E. Minangkabau
anth3q8master.pdf - Search Chapter Kottack Humanity Mirror Quiz Milner-Rose

MATRILINEAL BACKGROUND 357 whether this is the case in a matrilineal small,-or a matrilineal joint family. The most important features of the psychological ...

27 Women in patrilineal and matrilineal societies in Melanesia By Rosa Koian Rosa Koian is the Information Services Coordinator of the Bismarck Ramu Group
Rosa%20Koian.%20Women%20in%20patrilineal%20and%20matrilineal%20societies%20in%20Melanesia.pdf - Search societies matrilineal patrilineal strong Melanesia Women

Masculinity and the "Matrilineal Puzzle" 477 being that the tension potentially inherent in Western spousal relationships is equally present

Crow Indian Matrilineal Kinship and Social Organization Coyote and Origin of Ashammaleaxia = “As Driftwood Lodges” – the Clans (originally
Crow%20Kinship.pdf - Search Crow Social Indian Matrilineal Organization strong Kinship

MATRILINEAL DESCI':NT GHOUPS AND SPIHIT CULTS OF THE THAI-YUAN 219 members of 67 separate descent groups of which 33 had their ritual
JSS_060_2j_TurtonMatrilinealDescentGroupsAndSpiritCultsOfThaiYuan.pdf - Search CULTS DESCENT THAI-YUAN GROUPS MATRILINEAL strong SPIRIT

o Double Descent – combines matrilineal and patrilineal patterns (unilineal or non-unilineal) o Non-unilineal descent – descent through mother and father’s line
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